Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday!

So in honor of Fat Tuesday here is my post about food in Australia. Now I mentioned this post to a few people and the first things out of peoples' mouths were the same. Meat Pies and Vegemite.

Australian Meat Pies look yummy and seem to be, yes, pretty popular. Four'N Twenty is the most famous fast food carrier. I would say meat pies in Australia are the equivalent of hamburgers or hot dogs in the states.

Vegemite. What is it? Well according to Wikipedia, it is a "dark brown food paste made from yeast extract". Yum... It is actually made from left over beer brewer yeast. It has the consistency of peanut butter and the taste of beef bullion. Everyone I've talked to swears by it. I guess we'll see... Here are some Vegemite recipes.

Hopefully I will get to try these soon!

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